Human beings will give everything they got towards an activity if they have fun. That is a simple truth. How to make learning fun, as learning sometimes can be described as a stepping stone to achieving a goal. It’s very much possible to make learning fun, and creating a blended learning session is a great way of realising this. L&D teams over the years have been invested in the term “player typing”. As the name suggests, this is a process of integrating the principles of types in games into learning. This is a creative way to boost learner engagement, and L&D professionals have had great success with this method. This article explains how you can make learning fun.

Typings and Their Learning Groups

L&D professionals can leverage the four types of players to their advantage. The first type is the competitors. This group of people is focused on winning and competing for the best possible spot. In the context of learning, these kinds of people are engaged by seeing their work acknowledged. The second type is the achievers, who focus on achieving goals effectively and successfully. They also want to be recognised for their achievements. The third type is the explorers. Their curiosity drives them to learn and discover new things or skills. Less concerned about achievements and is more motivated to learn different kinds of knowledge. The fourth and last typing is the socialites. They are the kind of people that are focused on developing networks with as many people as possible. Their main goal is to engage in group activities and peer-to-peer interactions to conduct a hybrid learning experience. 

After getting to know the typings, L&D experts would need to create a learning event for each typing so that a well-rounded and fun learning environment can be built. For example, create a competition to motivate the competitor learners. Then, create a group study event to motivate the socialites next. Then, utilise online learning platforms and provide certifications to motivate the achievers. Last but certainly not least, open up a list of thousands of courses for the explorers that they can browse on-demand and learn however they see fit. These various learning methods and programs will undoubtedly make them feel that learning is fun. Erasing the idea that learning is just a stepping stone for their goal. 

In Conclusion

Creating a learning environment that is both fun and beneficial is not difficult. Just remember to identify your employees’ typings and categorise them to their most suited learning group.

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