The world has entered a remote working environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The working world isn’t the same anymore, as working remotely has become the new norm and necessity. Leading used to be much more simpler as people meet and interact directly, but in a remote world, how could people express their leadership presence? Not to worry, as there are ways on how to become a leader from home.

Leadership Presence

It might be confusing as to what is the meaning of leadership presence. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as everybody has experienced this. The feeling when one is doing an activity and become so immersed, that they lost track of time. That is the meaning of leadership presence. Operating in a state of absorbed relaxation and be in touch with ones best self (source). All of ones attention are focused on the matter at hand and being able to block any kinds of distractions, not to mention, being ones self without controlling others. This kind of attitude and energy will in no doubt attract other people to follow ones lead.

Becoming More Present

Acquiring leadership presence is not enough. People with this quality will also need to deepen their presence and on a consistent basis. With working remotely has become more intense day by day, people will need to find ways and solutions to deepen their presence among their work colleagues. Always take a few moments before joining in an online meeting or activity and just scan the body for any anomalies. Identifying this will boost ones control over their self and enhance their presence. Stay grounded as one interact with others and don’t forget to maintain eye contact. This will ensure connectivity between ones body and the other recipient’s attention. Lastly, take small breaks between meetings to rejuvenate the body. As little time as it may be, this will help clear ones mind and reduce attention residue (source). Doing all of this will help people achieve a perfect state of leadership presence and will take them towards the next stage of their careers as bona fide leaders.

In Conclusion

Becoming a leader in this remote working world is very much achievable and these two tips will develop many people into proper leaders.

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