Managing a land division by yourself can become overwhelming and complex very quickly. Even though it’s possible to do it all by yourself, it would be more convenient and efficient if you are using a licensed surveyor to streamline and handle the complex process. Doing this will save your precious time and money, so that you can allocate those assets to build your investment property or sell your divided land. Understanding the intricacy of the land division process is your number one priority to guide your land division project to success.

Seek Advice from the Local Council

You might think that filling an application form is the first thing that must be done; however, doing this would just hinder your land division process. The first thing you must do is to head into your local council office and consult with their planning department. This is imperative as your local council would be able to give you solid feedback before you start the much lengthy process of application forms filling. Bring a copy of the Certificate of Title for your land and the sketch of the division plan so that your local council will understand your planned land division process. Engage a professional surveyor to start your land division process on the right foot.

State Commission Assessment Panel

Starting your land division process has many different stages, and one of the most important stages is to lodge an application with the State Commission Assessment Panel. The State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) has the duty to review all development applications in South Australia, including the subdivision of the land. The SCAP will then forward your application to State Government agencies to examine your application further. The State Government agencies include the SA Water, SA Power Networks, Department of Planning, and Transport and Infrastructure. Lodging an application will make your land division legal, resulting in a seamless process across the board.

Conditions of Approval

Acquiring an approval from your local council is a very good development for your land division process, but always remember that you still need to check for any additional approval conditions you need to meet before moving to the subdivision process. One of those conditions requires you to pay a fee to the State Government agencies to set up the water and power connections, as well as demolishing existing structures. This will ensure the completion of a Certified Survey of your Land. Working with a professional land surveyor in this stage will make your expenditure more manageable and streamline the additional approval process.

In Conclusion

Your land division process will be a success if you work together with a professional land surveyor, rather than doing it alone.

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