Nurturing a group of employees with the same level of competence and consistency is what most companies strive for. Accomplishing this would make headway towards the company’s vision and goal. However, it’s easier said than done. Conducting assessments and training programs is the right step. Still, often than not, employees would revert back to their old ways. The performance gap between employees would become much more apparent than ever before. This article explains how companies and organisations can utilise this approach effectively and efficiently.

Transforming Personal Insight into Team Coaching

Being an exceptional salesperson-turned-manager often struggles to share their intuition and drive peak performance to their team. This is due to their unique insights are not a universal matter. Many would think that their skillset made them successful. Even though it’s not entirely wrong, there is another aspect that made them successful as sellers. They have a specific system that they carry out with conviction.

Furthermore, share a mindset assessment that breaks down and analyses the beliefs, values, and most effective tactics to implement personalised coaching as part of a behaviour-transition tool. This will help the employees tremendously cement this new insight and minimise the urge to return to obsolete ways. Learning and practising this will undoubtedly shift employees’ mindsets and transform them into a good and competent sales team.

Mindset Assessment

Establishing personalised coaching from the insight of an accomplished employee is the start of permanently shifting one’s mindset. It’s not enough to just conduct personalised coaching. There is one more step to move employees’ mindset to better themselves and the company. Provide cohort-level data through mindset assessments and pod coaching (specific coaching for smaller groups) to identify which perspectives need change. For example, a leading multinational organisation assessed 80 employees, identifying and creating customised coaching content to address the group’s most-needed mindset shifts. As a result, the journey was highly relevant to the teams’ most critical needs (source). This method is tailored toward smaller groups to shift their mindset simultaneously. Some companies have also utilised a unique way consisting of self-paced leading journeys. These assessments’ goal is to identify beneficial mindset shifts personally and practice and develop themselves on the team. Both pod coaching and personal coaching would lead to a truly cohesive team.

In Conclusion

Executing an early assessment is crucial for creating a group of employees upholding the same values and mindset.

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