So now you have a social media page, and you’ve been posting consistently seven days a week. You’ve prioritised ‘being; on social media, sharing content that you like daily. But is just being on social media enough to boost your business? To put it simply, no. Just being on social media is like raising your hand and shouting “Present!” in a classroom when no one asked in the first place.

Social media is much more than just simply being present. Although some people may assume so, social media marketing is not always easier than going door to door and handing out flyers or going table to table at an expo. It really isn’t a magic tool where you can create a profile, post 7 days a week, and that’s the magic formula to generate engagement and go viral. 

The biggest mistake is to put too much emphasis on the business’ image, needs, and promotions. Shift your mindset from you to your audience. 

As you put more focus on the audience, there will come a time when the business needs can take centre stage. 

Here are the important questions you should be asking: 

  1. Who are my target audiences?
  2. Which platform(s) do my target audiences use the most?
  3. What would my target audiences like to see?
  4. Which kinds of information would be valuable to my target audiences?
  5. Which areas can I assist my target audiences with? 
  6. What are they trying to find on Google?

These questions will help create a roadmap that will give you a better chance of getting the traction needed for your business. 

Once you’ve answered the questions above, keep going at it every single day until you’ve obtained loyal customers who would pretty much purchase almost anything from your business. When this happens, they’ll take whatever you give them, and it isn’t because you ran a great ad or you have a mind-blowing sales copy. However, it is because they know your brand gives them great value every day. Your brand has made them better and that is how you build something of value. 

Social media is very complex, and there’s a lot of hit or miss, but we can promise that you will be able to achieve your goals with your audience in mind and the right strategy at hand. So, get your thinking cap on and start transforming your Facebook marketing strategy, Instagram marketing strategy, Twitter marketing strategy, and remarketing strategy. 

What’s Next? 

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