Having a clean house, especially during the pandemic, is crucial for maintaining your physical and mental health. The benefits of a clean home are countless, and it doesn’t really have any drawbacks. However, how you clean your house is a different story. Cleaning without any sort of plan would just diminish efficiency without achieving maximum hygiene. This article explains how you can clean your house with alternatives whilst saving your money.

Removing Pesky Stains

Stains are one of the most troublesome and persistent forms of dirtiness, and once a stain is created, it’s difficult to remove it. Not to worry, as there are a couple of ways to eradicate stains without paying a hefty fee for a professional to do it. The first method is to use brown cola. Cola is mainly known for its ability to remove dust and rust. However, it turns out that cola can be utilised to remove tough stains. Cola contains phosphoric and carbonic acid, enabling it to remove different kinds of stains. Those acids have the property to disassemble the stains property. It’s not hard to use either, as you just need to pour it on the stained area, let it sit for an hour, scrub it using a brush, and wipe it clean.

The second method is by using salt and lemon or grapefruit. This method is more tailored to clean your bathtub, sinks, or stainless steel areas. The properties that reside in a lemon, the citric acid, will cut through any kind of grime. Combining it with salt will produce the perfect scrubbing formula to keep your stainless steel areas clean and bright. Grapefruit also has the same properties as lemons. It gives off a different fresh and fruity smell from the lemon. Utilise these everyday items to clean off pesky stains.

The Might of Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular item when it comes to cleaning. Its super absorbent nature, gentle abrasiveness, and natural deodoriser properties would remove any lingering smells or foul odour in your home. The ease of use is also the reason it is popular. Depending on the material, you just need to pour or brush the baking soda on the area for cleaning and let it be for at least 30 minutes. Simply wipe it off after the established time. Never underestimate the prowess of baking soda.

In Conclusion

Cleaning your house can be done by everyday items. Pure hygiene doesn’t always come from the most expensive cleaning materials. Follow these two solutions above to keep your home clean without spending a fortune.

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