COLORBOND® steel is a famous Australian building brand that has for a considerable length of time continued to help Aussies realize their creative vision and create the homes they have for long dreamt of. From interior fittings and fixtures to external roof and wall cladding systems architects, builders, and homeowners; everyone adores COLORBOND® sheet metal products.

And as a quintessential proprietary name known for its robustness and design adaptability, COLORBOND® steel comes in a wide scope of hues that coordinate seamlessly with all the structural highlights of your home. Additionally, despite being synonymous with roofing in pretty much every residency, COLORBOND® steel is super-flexible and can be applied in various fields as follows:

  • Setting durable fences characterised by great outdoors
  • Reliable guttering that’s known for sturdiness in all types of weather
  • Roofing that mirrors the elegance, style, and requisites of Australian homes
  • Solid and appealing exterior walling

Reasons why everyone loves COLORBOND® steel

Design Freedom

COLORBOND® steel is accessible in the scope of 22 contemporary hues, which commend the common magnificence of the Australian scene. From our mountains to our spring beds, COLORBOND® steel encapsulates the light and vitality that make Australia’s vivacity so one of a kind. Indeed, with 22 impelling colour decisions extending from customary to contemporary, COLORBOND® steel provides the perfect palette from which to create sleek and elegant looks for our homes & gardens.

So, whether a basic level rooftop design or a complex one, COLORBOND gives the adaptability to realise all our creative inventiveness leading to broadened architectural opportunities/designs.

Walling made from COLORBOND® steel is sublime & easy to live with

Walling fabricated using sheet metal proffers a beguiling, solid and thermally proficient alternative for a modernistic present-day home plan. Quite simply, COLORBOND® steel literally furnishes another exalted aspect to your home. Whether as a delightful, durable exterior facade or as highlight walling on the inside, it creates profundity and consistency.

As a walling material, COLORBOND equally acts as a perfect building medium that adds to the general security and sturdiness of your home. It protects you from storms, falling branches, and knocks. Moreover, it’s non- incendiary and 100% free from termite infestation.

COLORBOND® steel works beautifully, come rain or shine

Due to its unrivaled adroit finish plus resistance to splintering, flaking, and chipping COLORBOND® steel makes a truly robust, low maintenance construction alternative.

Stylish and decorous, COLORBOND has been designed to create a true brand capable of withstanding Australia’s harshest environments. It is easy to maintain, lightweight and extremely reliable steel ware that accompanies a consistent finish of beauty and excellence.

COLORBOND additionally consolidates the ability to reflect great amounts of the sun’s heat during the sun-scorching days not to mention its pre-eminent corrosion resistance capabilities.

COLORBOND® steel guarantees illustrious Guttering

Gutters and house fasciae are not just for appending an appealing completion to your home. They are vital segments of your house that should have the capacity to shield your home in case of pernicious storm waters. It is, for this reason, you can rest with a genuine feeling of serenity knowing your rainwater collection configuration embodies COLORBOND® steel – it’s been tried and proved to endure everything in Australia’s most severe conditions from dousing rainstorms to the out-of-hand scathing sun afternoons.

COLORBOND further understands that your guttering framework does not just need to perform well but also needs to look excellent and add a stylish capping touch to your rooftop and home. COLORBOND thus incorporates a wide determination of 22 scenic hues intended to impeccably colour match your rooftop and create a tailored & bespoke living space so you love where you live. Furthermore, given its demonstrated strength and low maintenance obligations, COLORBOND® steel assuredly guarantees for your whole rooftop and guttering framework to continuously & flawlessly effectuate whilst still looking attractive for decades.

Fencing that warrants grandeur, confidentiality, and protection to your home

Fencing assembled using COLORBOND® steel is the perfect style of fencing to give your home security & privacy. Australians appreciate a rather lucky atmosphere, which enables them to exploit an out-of-doors way of life for the majority part of the year. Besides, the modish lifestyle of today is continually obscuring the lines between where we eat, unwind and engage our friends. We are rapidly taking out the indoors and ushering the outdoors into our homes.

Fundamental to this new way of life is the confidentiality we are necessitated to forge in our patios. Fencing that has been modeled to create both security and protection to our home enables us to extend our “backyard havens” as per our tastes & preferential.

Plus it is a fence that’s modest to perpetuate, won’t decay, or be eaten by termites.