In the process of land development, one of the most important assessments you can have is the title re-establishment survey. This is because when you are purchasing any property, you are essentially buying what is written on the Certificate of Title, not what is fenced or built onsite. 


Based on many years of experience, there are numerous issues with title boundary locations across Victoria. Often, this problem includes things such as fences located in incorrect locations, buildings that were built over the boundaries, titles with incorrect dimensions, or other problems. As such, it is recommended to have a Title Re-Establishment Survey performed beforehand to identify any issues so that you can deal with these problems at the time of purchase, or during any other design phase such as renovations or subdivisions.


But first, let’s understand what this survey really is.


What is a re-establishment survey?

Also known as title boundary survey, a title re-establishment survey can accurately determine property boundaries, identify the correct property lines, and highlight any limitations imposed on the property. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to investigate and discover errors, encroachments, or any issues in dimensions. 


This survey is mandatory in several circumstances, such as when subdividing lands or when building on a boundary. Buyers can benefit from a title re-establishment survey as it provides the opportunity to assess any encroachments that may shrink their possessory area, such as neighboring fences. From a time and financial perspective, this survey is clearly a great investment as it can get your facts straight, helping you to understand what you’re dealing with from the beginning. By doing so, you can prevent taking too many steps forward with your construction, only to discover later that you have to take even more steps back and start again.


A title boundary survey is usually used by itself or in combination with other surveys, such as features & level survey if using an architect. Having two surveys combined provides you and your architect with a more complete picture of the property.


How is the process of title re-establishment survey?

Firstly, you need to find a licensed surveyor to conduct the survey. Note that in Victoria, this survey can only be prepared by a Licensed Surveyor, so be sure to work only with licensed surveyors like Linear Land Surveying to perform re-establishment survey in Melbourne. Moreover, be sure that you understand the planning regulations involved with the activities that you are going to be involved in.


Once your surveyors start their job, they will let you know If any errors are found in your property. If such a thing happens, they will then contact the titles office, Land Use Victoria, to rectify the correct information and fix the problems. Problems are often fixed within a day or two, and clients can make a claim for financial compensation for changes to their land size through the same title office.

Linear Land Surveying uses expertise and skills to identify any problems, find errors, and help you with your land planning needs. Feel free to call them on 9873 8888 or email for a free quote on your next land development project.