Email marketing may not be as sexy as running an Ad Words campaign or leveraging your followers of social media, but it’s still a cornerstone of any marketing campaign.

Just the other day in a board meeting, a member of the board questioned what the point of email was. It was their opinion that social media was the new email and nobody liked email anyway.

As exciting a channel as social media is, email has not been banished to the middle ages. If anything, email is one of the most reliable marketing channels available today – this should be especially enticing in a time of great fluctuation and change in the digital marketing landscape.

Are you still tossing and turning over the value of your email list? Do you already have an email list you haven’t been doing anything with? You are sitting on a goldmine. Find out our six top reasons for developing an email-marketing database.

  1. eMore effective than social media for customer acquisition

Social media may be a great engagement tool and way to reach a large customer base, but as far as customer acquisition your conversion rates will soar on email compared.

Email is the best place to get leads that have been nurtured to make the last step and convert from a lead into a sale. According to marketing and business analyst David Tanaskovic, customer acquisition rates using email increase by 40% on average over social media

  1. Easy and cost-effective

Traditional marketing channels can be expensive; and even AdWord campaigns require quite a bit of spend before they can start performing at their optimal level.

Email marketing, however, is a simple tactic that is cost effective. The level of measurability also means you can easily optimise your campaigns over a short time frame.

  1. Personalised and customisable

Email marketing gives you much greater control over the level of customisation and personalisation you can apply to your marketing content. Not only can you segment your audience easier than any other channel, you are also able to use CSV databases to send out personalised emails to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.

Depending on what email marketing software you are using. There are varying levels of personalisation you can apply.

  1. Easily measurable

There are three main metrics used by email marketers. Each of them give great insight into the quality of your campaign. These metrics are:

  • Opens – Was your email received and opened? TIP: The best way to improve this metric is to come up with a killer subject line.
  • Clicks– Did the customer buy the Call-To-Action (CTA) and click on the button to your website? TIP: Create great content, design it well and have an attention grabbing CTA.
  • Sales– Did they go ahead and purchase or subscribe? TIP: Go back to the start and find out if you are marketing to the right people. If leads don’t purchase they might not interested, but give them time and they might be ready to purchase at a later point in time.

These metrics will help aid your marketing and help you optimise your campaigns over time.

  1. Action driven

It is instinct to reply to email, as email is transactional. People get in the habit of responding to an email immediately – either by dismissing it or responding. Given that it is an action-oriented platform, you are more likely to get a response.

  1. Can be checked instantly using mobile devices

Mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones make life a pain sometimes. You just can’t seem to get away from the constant to and fro of modern life. For marketers, however, it’s a dream. Now more than ever, you can get results from your campaign almost instantaneously. Within 48 hours you should have enough data to reflect on your campaign and setup your following one.


There are several benefits of building an email-marketing database. According to a 2014 survey of 1000 web-based businesses, email marketing had the highest Return On Investment (ROI). Surveyed companies attributed 23% of total sales to this single channel. More than ever, email marketing is the king of profitable marketing tactics.

Email marketing is here to stay. Get out MailChimp or CampaignMonitor or whatever email marketing software you prepare. The best way to learn is to do.

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